Didem Basar


Born in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1974, Didem started her music education at I.T.U. Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1985. Having completed her kanun training…

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Zilien Biret

Clarinet & Flutes

Zilien Biret 
is a clarinetist, flutist, singer, teacher, and composer from Reunion Island…

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Nazih Borish


Nazih Borish began to learn the oud by himself at the age of five, listening to the music of many different cultures like flamenco, jazz…

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Bashir Faramarzi


Bashir Faramarzi is a musician and santur player born in 1982 in Machhad, North East Iran…

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Patrick Graham


Over a two decade career based in Montreal, Canadian multi-percussionist Patrick Graham has been described as a master improviser…

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Joseph Khoury


Lebanese-born Joseph Khoury discovered oriental percussion at the age of three. He later nourished his love of music…

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Elham Manoucheri


Born in Isaphan, a city located in the heart of Iran, Elham began music at the age of 15…

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Mohamed Masmoudi

Oud, guitar and double bass

After studying five years at the Conservatoire de musique de Sfax (Tunisia), Mohamed Masmoudi pursued classical music studies…

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Shawn Mativetsky


Dynamic performer Shawn Mativetsky is considered one of Canada’s leading ambassadors of the tabla, and is a pioneer in bridging the worlds…

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Khalil Moqadem

Oud and violin

Khalil Moqadem graduated from the Conservatoire de musique du Maroc. He plays oud, violin and developed an extensive experience in ….

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René Orea

Flutes and cuatro

Flutist (master), composer (master) and musicologist (Ph.D.), Rene Orea studied Western classical and Latin American popular music at the Université de Montréal and in Venezuela…

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Pooria Pournazeri

Tanbur, daf & setar

Pooria Pournazeri is an Iranian musician born in 1982. His mother was a teacher and his father makes iranian musical instruments. He was six years old when he first started…

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Laura Risk


Laura Risk has performed and taught traditional fiddle music of Scotland for over 25 years, having studied…

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André Rodrigues

Brazilian guitar

Originally from Brazil, André Rodrigues distinguishes himself as a specialist of Brazilian traditional and classical repertoires. The beginning…

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Rodrigo Simões


Brazilian guitarist based in Montreal (CA), Rodrigo Simoes has worked with several great names in Brazilian music…

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Zal Sissokho


Zal plays kora and sings melodies inspired or borrowed from West African tradition in Maninka and Wolof. After moving to Montreal in 1999…

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Kiya Tabassian

Setar & vocals

Kiya Tabassian was born in 1976, in Tehran (Iran) and immigrated to Montreal in 1990. He has been trained in Persian music under Reza Ghasemi and Kayhan Kalhor…

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Federico Tarazona


Renowned for his exciting interpretation, extraordinary technique, and musical expression, Federico Tarazona is considered…

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Showan Tavakol


Born in 1979 in Tehran, Iran, Showan Tavakol followed undergraduate music studies in the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Tehran…

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Aditya Verma


Raised in Montreal, within a family very respectful of Indian traditions, Aditya Verma began playing…

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Lamia Yared

Vocals & Oud

Born in Lebannon, Lamia Yared grew up in Montreal. During her travels to Greece, Turkey and Lebannon…

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