Introduction Workshops

to Music from the World

A new series for 6-10-year-olds, starting April 14, 2018

Through a 7 stop-overs journey, children will travel to the heart of different musical traditions. As a specifically designed formula for 6-10-year-olds, each workshop will lead kids to the discovery of new instruments, chants and dances in the company of specialized mediators who will serve as warm and enthusiastic guides.

This new trip will introduce them to traditions from Reunion Island, Flamenco Spain, and ancient India, before landing on the Latin American continent.

It is a unique opportunity to experience instruments, rhythms and melodies that have traveled from one place to another. During this journey, kids will be guided by travelling musicians who grew in the heart of rich traditions, where mutual aid, pleasure and joy are essential ingredients to musical sense development! So, ready to get on board?

Whole-session price :$105 for 7 workshops (= $15 / workshop)

Half-session price :$70 for a choice of 4 workshops (=17,50$ / workshop, payment on site)

Unit price : $20 / workshop (payment on site)

Info & Reservation : 514-397-9226, or

Workshops take place without the presence of parents in order to foster a learning & interactive environment between children, except for the May 26 workshop which will include a presentation. 

April 14 and 21: Reunion Island and Creole world

April 28 and May 5: Flamenco (Spain)

May 12 and 19: Musical Traditions from India

May 26: Latin-American Traditions