” Musiciens du monde ” Summer Camp

July 2-13, 2018

Discovering New Worlds

Introduction to the camp

The Camp des musiciens du monde is a new summer activity for 6 to 12 year-old kids in Montreal! It is a unique opportunity to experience music, songs, dances and games from different cultures of the world, all in one place!

Each day spent at the Camp des musiciens du monde is an occasion to meet musicians and try new instruments. During this musical journey, children will discover rhythms and traditional chants from places as diverse as West Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and Québec.

The Camp des musiciens du monde is a playful experience to make children learn from each one’s differences. It is also a unique step-by-step adventure where kids will develop musical sense and its essential ingredients: joy, good humor, fun, and cooperation!

After two weeks of immersion in the diversity of musical cultures, the camp will end with a show celebrating sounds and colours from the world.

Information about the camp

  • Each workshop is supervised by specialized mediators
  • All musical instruments are provided and included in the price
  • Children enjoy a safe and caring environment
  • Musical activities in the morning / Physical & manual activities, and outings in the afternoon
  • The daily schedule includes breaks for snacks, rest and games.

Camp cost

$595 for two weeks, $299 for one week

  • All instruments are provided
  • Child care services are included (8 am to 5.30 pm)


Preliminary Schedule

Musical activities each morning for the pleasure of experiencing music from here and elsewhere

Manual and physical activities during the afternoon and outings under favorable weather conditions

8am-9am: Child care service
9am-10am: Body and voice awakening with Québec traditional chants
10am-12am: Introduction to music from South America and West Africa (week 1); Introduction to Creole and Middle Eastern music (week 2)
12am-1pm: Lunchtime
1pm-3pm: Tales from the world for younger children, instruments crafting workshops, and games from the world
3pm-4pm: Friday’s show preparation
4pm-5.30pm: Child care service