Alexis Chartrand & Lévy Bourbonnais

Together, Alexis Chartrand and Lévy Bourbonnais explore unexpected avenues of traditional Quebec music, from song melodies played on the violin and the harmonica to tunes from the repertoire of fiddle music. Alexis plays in a traditional style on his baroque violin, summoning both robust and lyrical timbres from his instrument, while Lévy’s chromatic harmonica puts a new spin on old fiddle tunes. Intersecting Quebecois dance music with contemporary free improvisation techniques and the baroque violin with digitized instruments, the musicians reinterpret melodies from Quebec’s traditional repertoire, revealing unsuspected depth in each piece. Their exploration is enriched through anachronism, in which the encounter and clash between divergent, and even contradictory, traditions highlight the beauty of a folk repertoire that is rarely the subject of such unhurried and poetic introspection…

Alexis Chartrand, musical direction & baroque violin

Lévy Bourbonnais, harmonica & electronics