Khalil Moqadem

Khalil Moqadem graduated from the Conservatoire de musique du Maroc. He plays oud, violin and developed an extensive experience in Andalusian and Oriental music. He cofounded l’Orchestre andalou de Montréal in 1998 and l’Association Soleil de l’Andalousie de Montréal (ASAM) in 2011, where he acted as an artistic director. Both in Morocco and in Canada, his experience in Andalusian, Moroccan and Eastern music allowed him to follow a distinct teaching standpoint in a multicultural context such as Montreal. Apart from his participation to numerous festivals and musical events of various kinds in Morrocco, Europe and North America, Khalil has also been teaching oud and Eastern music’s principles, including maqams and Andalusian tûbu, for more than 20 years.