Autumn Musical Encounters

Due to the current circumstances, the fall musical encounters will be performed and recorded without an audience on November 13 and 14 and will be webcast in the upcoming weeks on our social networks, stay tuned! 

Exceptionally this year, the artistic residencies at the Centre des musiciens took place during the summer. The fourteen musicians of the 2020 cohort made the space resonates with sound and emerge of a long winter. The four premieres that you will discover are like Autumn trees: full of life, contrasting colors and sublime beauties. Come bear witness to the creation of original works inspired by the traditions of the world! In this programme: discover upcoming innovative webcast concerts and free workshops !

*The Centre des musiciens du monde acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada for the realization of this event.

Four premieres (performance without audience and webcasting)

Adama Daou’s «Et si on se parlait»

Adama Daou (balafon), Olivier Babaz (bass) et Gabriel Schwartz (pandeiro, saxophone, flute)

Trio «Les Arrivants»

Amijai Shalev (bandoneon), Abdul Wahab Kayyali (oud) and Hamin Honari (daf)


Antoine Bustros (piano & project leader), Amir Amiri (santur), Reza Abaee (gheychak) et Maryse Legault (clarinet)

Ensemble Oraciónes

Lamia Yared (voice),  Didem Başar (kanun), Omar Abou-Afach (alto) and Olivier Bussières (percussions)

Mémoires musicales du monde

Une série originale qui met en situation d’écoute des porteurs et porteuses de tradition. L’écoute génère des informations sur une pièce issue d’archives anciennes, sur le rôle qu’elle a eu dans leur vie et sur ce qui les touche avant d’en donner leur propre version.

Mémoires musicales du monde ou le tracé d’une mémoire qui se transmet oralement, de génération en génération, pour continuer à éclairer les traditions et le monde.

With Caroline Planté

With Zilien Biret

With Abdul-Wahab Kayyali

With Didem Bașar