Mali / France / Brazil / Ivory Coast

Adama Daou “Siraba” is an artistic dialogue project between emblematic languages of three continents: Europe, Africa and South America, based on the 12-blade balafon , the pandeiro , the double bass  and the mandinka guitare . A meeting that is both refreshing and dynamic, imbued with ancient traditions to create a new universe of sounds of great beauty. 

Adama Daou, the leader of this project, is considered to be one of the greatest specialists of the balafon, a 12-blade percussion instrument emblematic of all of West Africa. His migratory journey, which led him to Quebec via France, opened him up to numerous artistic collaborations with bearers of traditions from various musical cultures. 


Adama Daou – balafon 

Gabriel Schwartz – pandeiro, sax, flute 

Olivier Babaz – double bass 

Aboulaye Koné – guitare