Fiddle Music

By Laura Risk

Goup Discovery Workshop (Beginners & Mid-levels)

This workshop will present three closely related fiddling traditions: Quebec, Scotland, and Ireland. After a short historical presentation exploring the connections between these traditions, we will learn one or two fiddle tunes by ear. We’ll then explore different ornaments, rhythmic accenting patterns, and melodic variation techniques, and discuss musical similarities and differences between these traditions. This workshop is open to all instrumentalists, but will be focused primarily towards players of the violin and related instruments (flute, mandolin, cello). Whatever the instrument, players should be comfortable in the keys of A, D, and G.

During this discovery workshop, you will have an overview of:

  • Historical elements of the Quebec, Scottish and Irish traditions of fiddling
  • Oral learning of fiddle tunes
  • Ornaments, rhythmic accenting patterns, and melodic variation techniques from the three fiddling traditions

Date: January 13th 2018, from 2 to 4 pm​

Duration: 2 hours

Information: 514-397-9226

Price: 30$