Private classes by Cevahir Karaca

The baglama is a family of long-necked, plucked lute instruments used in Ottoman classical music, Turkish folk, Turkish Arabic, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Armenian and parts of Syria, Iraq and the countries of the Balkans. It is used in particular in the rebetiko musical style which is often associated with the lowlands, having been victims of repression by institutions. The musicians would therefore have invented the baglama to be able to conceal it easily during police raids or in prison. Its small size makes it an easy-to-carry instrument for travelling musicians. It can be played as a solo instrument but is usually used as an accompaniment, often with a bouzouki or a guitar

Course Contents and Objectives

  • Holding of the instrument and basic techniques
  • Repertoire of Turkish Music
  • Learning of Makam (musical modes)
  • General understanding of Turkish musical culture

Private classes (online)


  • Session of 10 classes: $450