By Adama Daou

Group Classes

A 16-blade xylophone, the pentatonic balafon is an emblematic instrument of Malian and Burkinabe cultures. At the Center des musicians du monde, this instrument is taught by Adama Daou, an accomplished musician, teacher and great improviser. Students will be introduced to traditional repertoires and the art of improvising based on notions studied in class.

Class Content & Objectives

  • Oral learning and musical ear development
  • Basic repertoire of the instrument
  • Basic & Advanced Balafon Techniques
  • Coordination with both hands
  • Improvisational notions
  • General understanding of Malian & Burkinabese cultures


  • Session of 6 classes: 90$
  • File opening fee: $ 20 (payable at the first registration at the Center des musiciens du monde only)
  • Rental of a balafon : 35$/session

Information & Registration

  • (514) 397-9226 or email
  • At the Centre