School workshops

The school workshops offered by the Centre des musiciens du monde are an invitation to experience another musical culture with a specialized mediator. Each workshop is designed to stimulate children’s interest in cultural differences, intercultural understanding and the meaning of music.

Each workshop is divided into two parts: during the first part, children will listen to and interact with a tradition bearer, then, after a break, they will be invited to make music with the mediator.

The topics currently offered at Centre des musiciens are:

  • Rhythms and dances from West Africa (Senegal)
  • Reunion Island and the Creole world
  • Indian musical traditions
  • Music in Cameroon and among the Pygmies
  • Latin American musical blends
  • Quebec’s roots: an unexpected treasure trove of songs and dances.

Other possible themes: flamenco, tango, Amerindian culture, the balafon from Mali (for ages 10+), and Brazilian music and carnival.

Conditions and prices

The cost of each workshop is $20/child, with a minimum of 15 participants. Musical instruments are provided. If you have special needs, please let us know so that we may take them into account.