School workshops

The school workshops offered by the Centre des musiciens du monde are an invitation to experience a traditional musical culture under the guidance of a specialized mediator from that culture.

Each workshop strengthens children’s musical, social, and cognitive skills in a friendly environment designed to develop listening skills, tolerance, and respect for others.

The workshops include a moment of listening and interaction with the mediator, followed by a group musical practice (musical instruments, singing, dancing, etc.)

Here are the themes currently available at the Centre des musiciens du monde:

  • Discovering the balafon (Mali and Guinea-Conakry)
  • Rhythms and dances of West Africa (Senegal)
  • Creole worlds (Reunion Island, Haiti …)
  • Music, dance, and singing in Cameroon and among the Pygmies
  • The enchanting bird, musical tale (Iran)
  • Jarocho Sound: an experience at the heart of Mexican traditions
  • Exploring flamenco through song and dance
  • The rhythms of the carnival of Rio (Brazil)
  • Dances of Quebec: discover the social networks of yesteryear

Conditions and prices

Note that a minimum of 15 to 20 students is required depending on the chosen workshop offered at the Centre or at your school.

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