Classes for instruments of world music

We offer individual and group music classes for all ages and levels.
Our courses are equally pleasing to musicians who wish to experiment with new repertoire, as well as beginning musicians who are curious to discover new music and instruments of the world. For certain classes it is even possible to rent an instrument.

Learn to play an instrument based on an oral tradition to:

  • Gain experience with a specific culture
  • Train your memory
  • Promote manual and intellectual learning
  • Effectively develop the ear and musical skills

Guitars, flutes, pianos, violins, percussion…discover our classes in world music

Seize this opportunity to learn musical instruments taught by master professors and teachers whose musical skills are undisputed in the transmission of world cultural traditions.

A centre located in the heart of Mile-End – the Plateau – Mont-Royal

The courses take place at the Centre des musiciens du monde, in the superb historical presbytery of l’Église Saint-Enfant-Jésus, in the heart of Mile-End in the Plateau-Mont-Royal area, close to Outremont and Rosemont.


Cevahir Karaca

 Malian Balafon

Adama Daou


Amijai Shalev


Miguel Medina


Federico Tarazona

 Choro from Brazil

Rodrigo Simões & Gabriel Schwartz

Klezmer clarinet

Gabriel Paquin-Buki

 Venezuelan Cuatro

Rodney Hinojosa


Hamin Honari & Pooria Pournazeri


Joseph Khoury


Iman Sadeghzadeh

 Andean Flute

Federico Tarazona

 Peul Flute

Zilien Biret

 Colombian Gaïta

Zilien Biret


Reza Abaee

 Brazilian Guitar

Rodrigo Simões

 Mandingo Guitar

Aboulaye Koné


Showan Tavakol

 Arabic Kanun

Naeem Shanwar

 Turkish Kanun

Didem Basar


Gabriel Paquin-Buki


Zal Sissokho


Kianoush Khalilian



Mohamed Masmoudi, Abdul-Wahab Kayyali & Nazih Borish


Gabriel Schwartz

 Brazilian Popular Piano

Manoel Vieira



Olivier Bussières


Kiya Tabassian

 Bantu drums and Pygmies

Atna Njock


Pooria Pournazeri


Hamin Honari

 Eastern European Violin

Tanya Karamanos

 Iranian Violin

Showan Tavakol

A new way to explore, learn and listen