Individual classes by Mohamed Masmoudi, Abdul-Wahab Kayyali (all levels) and Nazih Borish (advanced students)

One of the most popular string instruments in academic and popular Arab musical traditions, the oud is known for its use in many musical styles spreading from the Mediterranean area up to Central Asia. In his class, Nazih Borish will introduce the instrument and its rich modal language that inspired the creation of luths like guitar.

Class Content and Objectives 

  • Oral learning and development of musical ear
  • Basic and advanced oud playing techniques
  • Basic repertoire of Oriental classical music
  • Notions of improvisation
  • General understanding of Oriental musical culture
In-person with Abdul-Wahab Kayyali
  • 60 minute class
    10 lessons course : 470 $
In-person with Mohamed Masmoudi
  • 60 minute class
    10 lessons course : 470 $
In-person with Nazih Borish (advanced)