Mission Statement

The mission of the Centre des musiciens du monde is at once artistic, social, and educational:

An artistic mission which, thanks to a residency program each year welcomes and accompanies musicians coming from diverse cultural traditions in their original musical projects, from their conception to their public diffusion.

A social mission which, since the Centre is a place for meetings, exchanges and sharing between musicians, helps to favour their integration into the socio-cultural environment of Montréal, Quċbec and all of Canada.

Finally, an educational mission which offers courses, workshops and conferences on instruments and musics of the world, which is aimed at the larger public, students, and musicians from all backgrounds.

Briefly, the Centre des musiciens du monde is a place of creation, formation, diffusion and research which celebrates our musical diversity. For this reason, in promoting living together in harmony, the Centre contributes to the strengthening of a society turning towards the values of peace, sharing, and inclusion.