Singer-songwriter, Atna is a multi-instrumentalist emeritus. Guitars, balafon, drums, Nkuu or African telephone (wooden drum with slot which illustrates the tradition of the language of the tones), Mbè (long drum with skin) are his instruments of predilection. It presents both unique and contemporary musical creations as traditional Cameroonian music.

Atna Njock works through the performing arts, conducting classes, workshops and conferences to share her musical art in Montreal, Quebec, the rest of Canada and internationally. Self-taught, Atna Njock was initiated from an early age to the ancestral codes of the tone language and music by oral tradition of her tribe Bàsàa, the Pygmies close to her village and other Cameroonian and African tribes. His traditional musical background has also been enriched by the development of classical, jazz, contemporary and modern musical notions of the world’s musical colors.

Atna Njock