Dina Cindrić

Dina is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, piano teacher and vocal workshop leader. She has performed at festivals across Canada and Europe and has been teaching music for over 20 years. She currently teaches Balkan singing at the Centre des Musiciens du Monde in Montreal, leads the RECAA Choir and sings in the all-female polyphonic vocal quartet Sava.Dina grew up singing and playing the traditional folk songs of her Croatian ancestors and has since been collecting old village songs from Croatia and the Balkans and studying the singing styles and contexts in which they are sung. She specializes in traditional a cappella folk singing and is most interested in orally transmitted vocal traditions with social and ritual function. Her workshops reflect this, emphasizing listening, mindfulness, community building and connection through song. She creates welcoming spaces that are accessible to all and strives to share her passion and knowledge to contribute to the preservation of this music and the transmission of ancestral knowledge.