Olivier Bussières


Riqq classes

Musician based in Montreal, Olivier Bussières has had a passion for several years for hand percussion. Always looking for new encounters, music is his favourite tool to discover new cultures. The plurality of instruments he plays has led him to build bridges between different traditions. From North African music to Brazilian chorinhno and Basque folklore, he aspires to create unifying projects that everyone can identify with.

A versatile artist, he can be seen performing as much in jazz, classical, folk and pop scenes. In 2013, he completed a bachelor’s degree in classical percussion at Laval University. He then went to Israel to study Middle Eastern percussion with Yshai Afterman. He continued his training with renowned musicians such as Mark Moshayev, Bernhard Schimpelsberger and Patrick Graham.

His expertise is put forward in several projects, such as Ensemble Oraciones (bendir, riqq, tamburello), Unakesa (drum kit hybrid and pandeiro), Les Ninos-chant 1 (cajon and drum kit hybrid) and Tutti ! De Lascaux aux Disco (drums, riq, darbuka, bendir) to name a few. Teaching also occupies an important place in his career, aspiring to transmit his passion to young and old alike.