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Brazilian Guitar

By André Rodrigues

The guitar is a member of the great lute family. Featured in many musical cultures…

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Brazilian Popular Piano

By Paulo Bottas

From the second half of the 19th century, piano entered Brazilian musical life by creating …

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By Federico Tarazona

In Peru, there has been a longstanding tradition expressed by the charango…

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By Reza Abaee

The gheychak is an old fiddle from Iran which can also be encountered in Central Asia, Afghanistan, India and…

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Iranian Violin

By Showan Tavakol

In terms of shape, the Iranian violin is closely related to classical violin. Starting at the age of 10, Showan Tavakol…

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By Showan Tavakol

Originally from Iran, the kamancheh is a spike vielle that can also be encountered in the Balkans and the Middle-East up to Central Asia…

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By Didem Basar

The kanun is a plucked string instrument and a member of the great family of zithers…

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By Zal Sissokho

A 21-string African harp, the kora is the predominant instrument for West-African bards known as Griots…

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By Nazih Borish

One of the most popular string instruments in classical and popular Arab musical traditions, the oud…

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Peul Flute

By Zilien Biret

The Peul flute of Guinea Conakry is also known as the “fule” or “Pastoral flute”. This instrument…

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By Kiya Tabassian

The setar is a plucked string instrument from Iran….

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South American flutes

By René Orea

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By Pooria Pournazeri

A long-necked lute, the tanbur is a popular plucked string instrument found in a vast area spreading from…

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Traditional Persian Chant

By Raha Yousefi

The traditional Persian chant, or classical Persian chant, is based on the Iranian music repertoire known as…

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Venezuelan Cuatro

By René Orea

The cuatro is a typical medium-size four string instrument (between ukulélé and guitar) from Venezuela…

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By Iman Sadeghzadeh

Dotar is a long necked lute with two strings (in Persian, do Tar) widspread from the North to the East of Iran…

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Learn an instrument of oral tradition for:

  • Experience a specific culture
  • Train your memory
  • Promote manual and intellectual learning
  • Develop the meaning of music

Prices :
10 courses session: $400
Students/65 and over: – 10%

Possibility to rent an instrument on site.