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Brazilian Guitar

By Rodrigo Simões

The guitar is a member of the great lute family. Featured in many musical cultures…

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Brazilian Popular Piano

By Paulo Bottas

From the second half of the 19th century, piano entered Brazilian musical life by creating …

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By Federico Tarazona

In Peru, there has been a longstanding tradition expressed by the charango…

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By Reza Abaee

The gheychak is an old fiddle from Iran which can also be encountered in Central Asia, Afghanistan, India and…

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Traditional Persian Chant

By Habib Hoseini

The traditional Persian chant, or classical Persian chant, is based on the Iranian music repertoire known as…

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Iranian Violin

By Showan Tavakol

In terms of shape, the Iranian violin is closely related to classical violin. Starting at the age of 10, Showan Tavakol…

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By Showan Tavakol

Originally from Iran, the kamancheh is a spike vielle that can also be encountered in the Balkans and the Middle-East up to Central Asia…

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By Didem Basar

The kanun is a plucked string instrument and a member of the great family of zithers…

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By Zal Sissokho

A 21-string African harp, the kora is the predominant instrument for West-African bards known as Griots…

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By Nazih Borish

One of the most popular string instruments in classical and popular Arab musical traditions, the oud…

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Peul Flute

By Zilien Biret

The Peul flute of Guinea Conakry is also known as the “fule” or “Pastoral flute”. This instrument…

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Colombian Gaïta

By Zilien Biret

The Gaïta was born from a meeting between the flutes of the Koguis and Arhuacos peoples of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta …

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By Kiya Tabassian

The setar is a plucked string instrument from Iran….

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South American flutes

By René Orea

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By Pooria Pournazeri

A long-necked lute, the tanbur is a popular plucked string instrument found in a vast area spreading from…

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Venezuelan Cuatro

By René Orea

The cuatro is a typical medium-size four string instrument (between ukulélé and guitar) from Venezuela…

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By Iman Sadeghzadeh

Dotar is a long necked lute with two strings (in Persian, do Tar) widspread from the North to the East of Iran…

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Eastern European Violin

By Tanaya Karamanos

Are you attracted by the suave violin melodies of Eastern Europe? Are you impressed by the speed in which these violinists play? This class is for you!…

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Learn an instrument of oral tradition for:

  • Experience a specific culture
  • Train your memory
  • Promote manual and intellectual learning
  • Develop the meaning of music

Prices :
10 courses session: $400
Students/65 and over: – 10%

Possibility to rent an instrument on site.