Arab Music

By Mohamed Masmoudi

Goup Discovery Workshop* (Beginners & Mid-levels)

Arab music developed itself on a rich and diversified melodic system known as maqam which includes intervals that are inexistant in Western scales. Of monodic and highly ornamental essence, Arab melodies of classical tradition are transmitted orally while integrating quite naturally variants and improvisations. During this workshop, you will be introduced to basic theoretical & practical notions of Arab musical culture by oud player M. Masmoudi. This workshop is opened to all instrumentalists, including beginners, and will be hosted by a talented musician who developed an expertise in the transmission of a rich, authentic & ancient culture.

During this discovery workshop, you will have an overview of:

  • Several theory elements about the maqam system
  • Different melody sequences (from beginner to intermediate)
  • Improvisation notions (solo)
  • Playing and interacting within a musical ensemble

Date: November 4th 2017, from 2 pm to 4 pm​

Duration: 2 hours

Information: 514-397-9226

Price: 30$