Iman Sadeghzadeh

Iman Sadeghzadeh was born in 1981 in Mashhad, Iran. At his early age he was inspired by the sound of his father’s uncle Dotār. Soon after, he started playing Dotār. In 1998, he started learning North Khorāsān Moqāms from Rahim Rezaei in Bojnord and Mohammad Yeganeh in Quchan. At the same time, he started learning Persian classic music repertoire (Radif) and playing Tār and Setār under instruction of Farid Irani in Mashhad. After Mohammad Yeganeh has moved from Quchan (to Mashhad), Iman became an active member of Yeganeh Ensemble in Mashhad. In 2003 he moved to Kiev, Ukraine and started collaborating with “Jām” ensemble founded by Iranian musicians of Kiev Tchaikovsky Conservatory as Dotār and Tārbass player. The ensemble participated in several festivals and concerts such as Gogol Fest, Kraini Mriy, Tavale etc. He also, tried to introduce and promote Dotār by presenting and playing it live in Ukrainian national media. After immigration to Canada in 2009, he continued his music activities and released “Haft Moqam” Dotār solo album in 2016. Iman also is a music instrument-making enthusiast repairing and making Setārs in his small instrument shop.