Andean flutes

Group class or private class by Federico Tarazona

Sikuri Ensemble

The siku are pan flutes known since the 16th century among many Andean populations (Aimara, Quechuas, Chipayas, Chiriguanos…). Each instrument is made of two interdependent rows of reed pipes. There are 5 sizes of siku corresponding to different registers. Group playing techniques include the interdependence in pairs of 2 musicians to form interlocking melodies.

Class Content & Objectives

  • Execution techniques
  • Partitions reading
  • Playing techniques in pairs (interlocking technique)
  • Traditional repertoire

Group class

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Private class

  • Class duration: 60 minutes
  • 10 lesson course: 470 $
  • Flute for sale (contact us for more information)