Individual class by Frederico Tarazona

In Peru, there has been a longstanding tradition expressed by the charango. This unique tradition undoubtedly places charango as one of the most characteristic instruments of Andean culture.

Federico Tarazona is considered to be one of the greatest Andean charango virtuosos and one of the most important contemporary South American composers of his generation.

As an expert in various traditional styles and techniques of Peruvian charango, Tarazona successfully applies classical guitar technique to charango, which allows him to masterfully perform the most challenging works in Latin American and European repertoire. Thus, he makes magnificent adaptations of original works for vihuela, lute, guitar and violin. While being the creator of a new playing technique for this little instrument and the inventor of Peruvian hatun charango, he is also the founder of a new Andean charango school which undoubtedly belongs to Latin American musical heritage.

Class Content and Objectives

  • Charango handling
  • Basic chords learning
  • Introduction to musical reading
  • Advanced & basic charango techniques
  • Basic Peruvian traditional repertoire


  • Session of 10 classes: $470

Where can you find the instrument?

New instruments can be purchased on Internet. Secondhand charangos are also available (for further details, please contact the Centre).