Individual and group lessons by Uwe Neumann

Uwe Neumann studied Sitar, Indian classical singing and tablas at the University of Shantiniketan, in the Indian state of Bengal. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Music. For over ten consecutive years, Uwe perfected his knowledge of the Sitar under the tutelage of his teacher Pandit Indranil Bhattacharya, at Shantiniketan, north of Calcutta. He has also given numerous concerts in India, Canada and Europe, appeared on Indian television Doordarshan, and teaches as a lecturer at the Universities of Montreal and Concordia.

Course content and objectives

  • Technique and dexterity
  • Depth of melodic expression
  • Melodic and rhythmic improvisation
  • Explanation of Indian history and culture
  • Instrument repair and maintenance