Dances from Quebec and Elsewhere

By Pierre Chartrand

Group Discovery Workshop for musicians & dancers, from beginner to intermediate levels

The first part of the workshop deals with the influence of quadrilles and contra dances from New England over dances and traditional music from Quebec during the 19th century. After a short historical presentation, you will learn dances and music related to those repertoires. At the end of the workshop, musicians will join dancers to put into practice dance melodies learnt all along the session.

This workshop will be hosted by Pierre Chartrand, an internationally known professor, dancer, choreographer, jigger, câlleur, dance historian, and ethnologist. He will be supported by his son Alexis Chartrand, a talented musician renowned for his master of jig & interpretative dance.

During this workshop, you will have an overview of:

  • A historic of dances from Quebec
  • Traditional melodies and dance steps from Quebec
  •  A practical application with musicians participating at the workshop

Date: February 10th 2018, from 2 pm to 4 pm​

Duration: 2 hours

Information: 514-397-9226

Price: 20$