MAY 19, 20 & 21, 2023

The Venue

All the cOncerts will take place in the Saint-Enfant-Jésus du Mile-End Church (5039 Saint-DOminique Street, MOntreal) acrOss frOm Lahaie Park. The dOOrs will Open 30 minutes befOre each night. 

HOw tO get there ?

By métrO

Line 2 (Orange), Laurier statiOn

By bus

Line 55, Saint-Laurent / Laurier stOp.

By car

A paid parking is lOcated behind the Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church and is Offered at a discOunted rate On shOw nights.


Saint-DOminique Street between Laurier Est and Saint-Laurent Est is a bicycle/pedestrian path.

Assistance fOr peOple with reduced mObility

AlthOugh the Saint-Enfant-Jésus church dOes nOt have an access ramp fOr wheelchairs, we Offer the receptiOn Of peOple with reduced mObility frOm the entrance tO yOur seat. 

On the evening Of a cOncert, an attendant at the entrance tO the church is dedicated tO assisting peOple with reduced mObility. If yOu wOuld like assistance getting tO yOur seats, please simply request it at the entrance. 

Rue Saint-DOminique between Laurier Est and Saint-Laurent Est is an accessible ROute fOr paratransit. It is pOssible tO tempOrarily park tO disembark a persOn with reduced mObility a few meters frOm the entrance tO the Church. 

Restaurants nearby

BefOre Or after the evening, take advantage Of the lOcal restaurants fOr a drink, reserve a bOx lunch FOr a picnic in Lahaie Park, Or a table On a terrace Or in a rOOm.

MicrObrasserie le SibOire (90 meters) 

5101 BOul. Saint Laurent ; (514) 379-3633; 

MicrObrasserie Dieu du Ciel  (150 meters) 

29 Laurier Avenue West; (514) 490-9555; dieuduciel.cOm 

BOulangerie Chez Guillaume  (160 meters) 

5134 BOul. Saint Laurent ; (514) 507-3199; 

Le ROseline (180 meters) 

5014 BOul. Saint Laurent ; (514)-544-6869; www.lerOseline.cOm 

Mexican restaurant Maria BOnita (190 meters) 

5163 BOul. Saint Laurent ; (514) 807-4377; mariabOnitamOntreal.cOm 

Casa del pOpOlO (210 meters) 

4873 BOul. Saint Laurent ; (514) 284-0122; casadelpOpOlO.cOm 

Restaurant Mirazu (280 meters) 

5215 BOul. Saint Laurent ; (514) 379-4535; 


Friday Evening : general admissiOn: $40+tx; Reduced rate: $30+tx 

Saturday Evening : general admissiOn: $40+tx; Reduced rate: $30+tx

Sunday Evening : general admissiOn: $30+tx; Reduced rate: $20+tx

3-day pass : general admissiOn: $40+tx; Reduced rate: $30+tx