Masmoudi Quartette

Tunisia / Canada

The Masmoudi Quartet includes Guillaume Martineau on piano, Rémi-Jean LeBlanc on double-bass, Gabriel Paquin-Buki on clarinet, and Mohamed Masmoudi on the oud. Known for their versatility, their sensitivity, and their virtuosity, the four musicians present Eternal Cities, where the lively tradition of Mediterranean-African music is at the heart of Masmoudi’s compositions, from its peculiar modes (maqamat) to its distinctive meters. The album borrows from jazz improvisations and classical inflections, which are then peppered with klezmer tones and tango rhythms. Masmoudi’s works testify to the richness of a life begun in Tunisia and continued an ocean further. 


Mohamed Masmoudi – oud & artistic direction 

Gabriel Paquin-Buki – clarinet 

Guillaume Martineau – piano  

Étienne Lafrance will replace Rémi-Jean Leblanc for this concert – double bass