Music and dances of the Balkans and Eastern Europe

The repertoire of Balkan and Eastern European music includes frenetic rhythms, call and response songs, polyphonic songs and enchantingly rousing folk dances.

We offer a group choir class, as well as a monthly music workshop, singing and dancing for all ages and levels of skill. We also sometimes hold cultural events which combine interaction with the artists and musical performances.

Learn to play an instrument based on an oral tradition to:

  • Gain experience with a specific culture
  • Train your memory
  • Promote manual and intellectual learning
  • Effectively develop the ear and musical skills

Learn to play Balkan and Eastern European Music

At the Centre des Musiciens du monde, you have the chance to learn to play Balkan and Eastern European music, with professional musicians who are renowned for their mastery of these traditions.

Balkan and Eastern European Music and courses, workshops and events

Our courses are useful for musicians who wish to experiment with a new repertoire, as well as beginner musicians who are curious to discover Balkan music and its polyphonic traditional songs.

 Eastern European Violin

Tanya Karamanos

 Balkan Choir

Dina Cindrić

 Balkan Mondays

BalkanFest Montréal


Gabriel Paquin-Buki

Klezmer clarinet 

Gabriel Paquin-Buki