Brazilian Guitar

Individual classes by Rodrigo Simões

The guitar is a member of the great lute family. Featured in many musical cultures, this plucked string instrument is characterized by a great versatility and its anchorage in a diversity of popular and classical traditions. Rodrigo Simões, a talented musician from Brazil, proposes a learning of classical guitar through different Brazilian popular traditions around the instrument (waltz, Brazilian mazurkas, choros…). This rich and original repertoire was developed in the urban areas at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to Italian instrument makers who contributed to forge the reputation of guitar as Brazil’s national instrument.

Class Content and Objectives

  • Body posture and instrument handling
  • Technical exercises
  • Oral learning of traditional melodies
  • Traditional melodies on score
  • Musical repertoire for ensemble

Where to find the instrument?

Please contact the Centre’s teacher.

Private classes


  • Session of 10 classes: $470