Collective musical creation – Sound encounter

Group class by Leandro Ruiz

This course offers a unique experience where people from different cultures around the world come together to explore and create music.

Through sound exploration, improvisation exercises and collective composition techniques, participants develop technical skills, learn to communicate through signs and construct musical ideas as a group.

Course content and objectives

· Encourage conscious listening and the creation of soundscapes.

· Explore the sonic possibilities of musical instruments (extended techniques).

· Provide direction tools to create real-time music from symbols.

· Create musical forms collectively.

· Recognize regular and irregular rhythmic patterns.

· Imagine melodies from different types of scales.

· Create one or more musical compositions as a group.

Prerequisites: For amateur musicians with basic or intermediate knowledge of a musical instrument. All instruments are accepted. It is not necessary to know how to read the score. Participants must bring their own instruments.

 Next session in fall 2024