Individual Classes by Iman Sadeghzadeh

The Dotar is a long necked lute with two strings (in Persian, do Tar) widspread from the North to the East of Iran and some parts of Afganistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikestan in different shapes.The Iran’s north-eastern version of Dotar (known as North-Khorasan Dotar) is one of the richest variants of the Dotar family with huge repertoir (Maqams) played on two main tunning systems.

Class Content and Objectives

  • Oral learning and development of musical ear
  • Basic and advanced Dotar playing techniques
  • Repertoire of the instrument (Maqams)
  • General understanding of Persian folklore musical culture


  • Session of 10 classes: $470

Where to find the instrument

Borrowing from the Centre if available.