Individual classes by Reza Abaee

The gheychak is an old fiddle from Iran which can also be encountered in Central Asia, Afghanistan, India and the Balkans. This four-string instrument comprises a open sound box at the top and a skin-covered sound board in its lower part, which produces its characteristic tone. In his teaching , Reza Abaee draws from both of his experience as a professional musician and an educator in Iran.

Content and Objectives of the class

  • Vertical control of the fiddle
  • Specific handling, direction and control of the bow
  • Learning of simple traditional melodies
  • Introduction to ornements, micro-intervals and Persian musical repertoire
  • Improvisation from Iranian musical structures (advanced level)

Where to find the instrument

Please contact the Centre des musiciens du monde.

Private classes


  • Session of 10 classes: $470