Individual classes by Zal Sissokho

A 21-string African harp, the kora is the predominant instrument for West-African bards known as Griots. Zal Sissokho, a bearer of the Mandinka culture and a great improviser, will be teaching the instrument at the Centre des musiciens du monde. Students will be introduced to traditional repertoires and the art of improvisation.

Class Content and Objectives

  • Oral learning and development of musical ear
  • Basic and advanced kora playing techniques
  • Basic repertoire of the instrument
  • Notions of improvisation
  • General understanding of Mandinka musical culture

Where to find the instrument?

Borrowing from the Centre available.


  • Session of 10 classes (beginner/intermediate level) : $470
  • Session of 10 classes (advanced level) : $700