Riqq classes

Group class by Olivier Bussières

Musician based in Montreal, Olivier Bussières has had a passion for several years for hand percussion. Always looking for new encounters, music is his favourite tool to discover new cultures. The plurality of instruments he plays has led him to build bridges between different traditions. From North African music to Brazilian chorinhno and Basque folklore, he aspires to create unifying projects that everyone can identify with.

Learn riqq in a group class

The riqq is a thousand-year-old instrument that is widespread throughout the Middle East and is part of the frame drum family. In its traditional form, we find it with fish skin and a wooden frame, but at the end of the 20th century, the instrument had grown in popularity throughout the world and we find today many modern versions of the instrument that allows a diversified game. The riqq is both an accompanying instrument, as well as a solo instrument that can demonstrate great versatility and virtuosity.

Class Content & Objectives

  • Become familiar with the outfit and the different techniques
  • Develop a diversified vocabulary of the instrument
  • Basic and advanced rhythmic notions
  • Develop a musical ear with rhythmic phrases divided into levels
  • Approach improvisation through the sequence of musical ideas

 On Monday from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM

 From April 8 until June 10, 2024

 Studio 201