Turkish Kanun

Individual classes by Didem Basar

The kanun is a plucked string (nylon) instrument that belongs to the great family of table zithers. This type of instrument may be found across all of the Middle East and Asia, as well as in certain parts of Eastern Europe. Didem Basar’s class accompanies the students in the discovery or broadening of their knowledge of the principles of Turkish Music and its specific techniques.

Course Contents and Objectives

  • Holding of the instrument and basic techniques
  • Repertoire of Turkish Music
  • Learning of Makam (musical modes)
  • General understanding of Turkish musical culture

How to get the instrument?

Possibility of borrowing from the Centre des musiciens du monde.


  • 10 class session: $470

Registration and Information

For more details or to register, please contact us at 514-397-9226 or fill out the Registration Form below and return it to us by e-mail to: info@centredesmusiciens.com