Introduction to the pianos of the world

Private course for children from 4 years old and up

Class led by Christine Séguin

Introduction to the pianos of the world is a private course for children from 4 years old and up.

Music touches people as much in the private as in the collective spheres of their lives. It brings together the imaginary and the real, emotion and reason, thought and the body. Music ignores borders, it testifies to our cultures. This is why Christine grants particular importance to the discovery and learning of a diverse repertoire as human heritage.

In a playful approach that tends towards the development of skills through amusement and perseverance, Christine offers the exploration of the instrument through keyboard games, body awareness and creation activities, in addition to interpreting different traditional and classical repertoire from around the world based on oral transmission and the reading of music notations. Christine stimulates in her students a rhythmic, creative, sensory and introspective listening which allows to go beyond a cerebral learning to invest the whole being in living music. This process is personalized to each of the students she supports in discovering their potential, thereby strengthening their self-esteem.

A Center in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal

Classes take place at the Centre des musiciens du monde, in the superb presbytery of the Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church, in the heart of Mile-End, in the Plateau Mont-Royal district, near Outremont and Rosemont.


Individual classes

Age: from 4 years old and up

Availability: depending on the student and the teacher


60 min. | $470 (10 classes)

30 min. | $260 (10 classes)


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