Maqam, an introduction to oriental modes

Group class

Goal and objectives

This workshop offers an introduction to the maqam, a system of melodic modes fundamental to Arabic, Turkish and Persian music. Its purpose is to provide a broad overview of the subject for beginner, intermediate or professional musicians and singers who want to learn about the maqamat. More specifically, the maqam workshops will allow participants to:

  • Discover the foundations and essence of the maqamat
  • Practice quarter-tones ear training
  • Work on the structure of the main oriental, Turkish and Persian maqamat
  • Become acquainted with oriental modulations and the principles of intervals in the maqamat, which are fundamental to these three music systems.

Who are these workshops for?

  •  Musicians who want to acquaint themselves with maqamat theory
  • Singers who want to perfect their knowledge in this area
  • Anyone interested in getting an overview of Middle Eastern music.
    Critères d’admissibilité

Eligibility criteria

  • Openness to training your ear to “new” tones other than tones and semitones, such as quarter tones, augmented semitones, etc.
  • Knowledge of Western musical theory will be a great asset in understanding the structures of the maqamat and the theoretical aspects of these systems
  • Ability to play an Eastern or Western musical instrument is an asset. However, musicians who play certain instruments such as the piano or the guitar may find themselves constrained by the quarter tone in terms of performance, although this will not prevent them from taking the workshop.


  • Thursday 7 p.m, to 8:15 p.m.


  • Session of 7 group classes: $85
  • Processing fee: $20

Registration and information

  • (514) 397-9226 or by email
  • On site

How to obtain an instrument?

Contact the Centre des musiciens du monde.