17mai19 h 30 minFESTIVAL | CARNETS DE SOIE19 h 30 min(GMT-04:00)

Détails de l'événement

Uuriintuya Khalivan & Sadaf Amini


Uuriintuya Khalivan (Mongolia) and Sadaf Amini (Iran) met in Montreal, sparking a musical journey at the Silk Roads’ crossroads. They blend their unique musical backgrounds, creating harmonious melodies that celebrate diversity and unity. With the morin-khuur (horsehead fiddle) and santur (hammered dulcimer), together, they weave melodies, like threads of silk, reminiscent of desert and steppe roads, echoing the timeless magic of the Silk Road. 

Uuriintuya Khalivan | Mongolia | Morin-Khuur

Sadaf Amini | Iran | santour


Ran Wang & Annette Bauer


Musicians Ran Wang (guzheng) and Annette Bauer (sarode, recorders, duduk, xun) traverse the Silk Road from east to west. Their musical journey invites the audience along a geographical route from China to Italy via India, also weaving together different historical time periods by presenting music from the ancient Han dynasty (200BC-9AD) to music from the emerging European Renaissance in early 15th century Italy. The program also imagines and draws inspirations from different physical and emotional landscapes that might be encountered by a timeless traveler – from witnessing a deeply moving beauty in unfamiliar landscapes, to adventurous daring in setting out on a long journey, to the loneliness a traveler can experience far away from home. Above all, their musical journey is a conversation between the sounds of their instruments, and the manifold vibrations of their strings, giving room for improvisations and an exploration of the unknown.

Ran Wang | China | Guzheng

Annette Bauer | Canada | flute & sarod



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