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Register and benefit from the educational and artistic skills of recognized professional musicians. Taking a course at the Centre des musiciens means acquiring the tools that will allow you to develop your musicality with passionate teachers who will guide you step by step into the heart of their traditions!


Cevahir Karaca

 Malian Balafon

Adama Daou


Amijai Shalev

Baroque dance  

Anne-Marie Gardette

Persian Singing

Raha Yousefi


Hamin Honari

 Andean Flute

Federico Tarazona

Initiation to dance Renaissance  

Anne-Marie Gardette

 Arabic Kanun

Naeem Shanwar

 Turkish Kanun

Didem Basar


Mohamed Masmoudi


Kiya Tabassian


Hamin Honari

 Eastern European Violin

Tanya Karamanos