Music of the Middle East

The repertoire of the Arabic music is rich and vast. Despite the immense scale of this music, its forms, instruments and traditional rhythms have been carefully preserved thanks to a history of oral transmission.

We offer individual and group music classes for all ages and levels. Also, we sometimes hold cultural events which combine interaction with the artists and musical performances.

Learn to play Arabic Music

At the Centre des musiciens du monde, you have a chance to learn how to play Arabic, Andalusian, Persian and Turkish music with master teachers whose musical skills are undisputed in the transmission of these rich traditions.

Arabic music courses, workshops and events

Our courses are equally useful for musicians who wish to experiment with new repertoire, as well as beginning musicians who are curious to discover Arabic music.

Learn to play an instrument based on an oral tradition to:

  • Gain experience with a specific culture
  • Train your memory
  • Promote manual and intellectual learning
  • Effectively develop the ear and musical skills

Oud courses are now offered online!

An experience beyond borders awaits you with the online music lessons of the Center of the musicians of the world, Register and benefit from the pedagogical and artistic skills of recognized professional musicians.

 No pre-requisites. All levels accepted.


Cevahir Karaca

 Arabic singing- Classical

Lamia Yared

 Arab rhythms

Joseph Khoury

 Arabic Kanun

Naeem Shanwar

 Turkish Kanun

Didem Basar


Kianoush Khalilian


Mohamed Masmoudi & Nazih Borish



Olivier Bussières